Surface Deformation When Moving Elements of 3D Warehouse Model

When I try to adjust this Simpsons Strong Tie component (deck building hardware) that I’ve downloaded from the 3D Warehouse (ECCQ66 | 3D Warehouse), to be the proper dimensions for my model I get crazy deformations of the surfaces that I don’t understand.

I’m basically trying to move in the sides of the top of the component a half inch each side. Why is moving the sides in (I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the right elements highlighted before making the move) deforming the surface?

Thank you for your help.
Model on left is the original, model on right is the model with one side moved in half an inch.

hello, triple click on the geometry once you moved the side and right click, pick soften / smooth edges.

The distortion you see is an automatic smoothing that must have been badly applied to the model.

Update your profile as it says you are using sketchup web

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Thanks for the tip! I just upgrade, thanks for bringing the web item to my attention.

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