Why the component changes width when I Push outside face?

Just like on the image. The machines on the left side are a component. The floor of the hall is outside of the components. Then I draw an rectangle on the floor and push its face and the components move upwards or downwards depending on the face movement! I cannot understand why this happen and how to avoid the movement of the components (they should be independent of the floor).

They are glue to components.

Not denying that might be the explanation, but if so I’m confused or there is more going on in the model than easily seen in the images. He’s pushpulling the little rectangle, not the entire floor. Why would those machines be glued to that little rectangle? Seems like there must be a particular sequence of steps to lead up to this behavior?

I should have finished with a ? as it was a guess not a statement.

So, @barracuda could you upload the model so we can examine what is really going on?

Edit: you did so while I was typing, Thanks!

welding machines 3D - backup.skp (1.8 MB)

I succeeded to upload the model. Try it.

Incorrect use of layers.

Well, the machines are indeed glued to that little rectangle face. I don’t know how you made that happen, but you can stop the strange behavior by right-clicking on the machines and selecting “unglue”.

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That too!

Thank you. This helped :wink: