SUP File name isn't correct

I have an issue that has just started in SUP.

When I label a file as such: ‘230417.Site’. When I open SUP, the top left hand corner title is incorrect. It shows ‘230417’. The text is missing. If I call it just ‘Site’, that show it as it should be.

If I put the numbers in brackets,
‘Site(230417)’ this works fine and the file name is showing correct.

But, as soon as I add full stops in as separators, like this file name showing V3 as follows:
‘Site.V3.(230417)’, I only get this - ‘Site’

Any ideas?

Don’t use periods/full stops in the file name.

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No issues here. However agree whit Dave. Use ‘-’ or ‘_’ instead of ‘.’



Might be a general windows explorer setting ‘show extension’?

It is called:
“Hide extension for known file types”
…and should be unchecked, to show extension.
I checked that option already, but no effect on SU :wink: (at least in my system, W10 , SU2021))

What version of SketchUp are you using?

Good call, Dezmo. That works

The latest version.

I still have issues with previewing SUP files too. I’ve tried everything on this forum but nothing works…

Hi Mike. The extension is ok, but full stops in the file name is now an issue.

How do we find ‘show extension’ in Windows, please elaborate, thanks.

Please update your forum profile.


That is different than indicated in your profile. Perhaps, Is your Operating system also different?
Could you please update your profile!

Anyway if you happy to avoid ‘.’ in your naming, then that should be okay…



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The graphics card though :joy:

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I’m pretty sure it’s a known bug of 2023 where if you have a file named with periods in it, the name displayed will only be up to the first period. I’ve seen it before on the forum.

so, will be displayed as my in sketchup.

but yeah, in general, avoid using . in file names. or / since we’re at it. some softwares might read this as an extension name or a path name. you can use stuff like - _ — ,

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

Haha the other name was better, I would’ve added large, gray and with three fans.

The name being truncated starting with the first . in the name is a known issue, that we have fixed internally. There has not yet been an update to SketchUp since we fixed it.