Filename with a point

Normally in DOS times there is only one point in the filename to split the fileextention. Now 40 years later you can use many Points in a filename. But Sketchup make a mistake. It cuts the filename by the first point, in title bar and file dialog box,

“A.B.C.D.skp” converted to “A” and not correctly to “A.B.C.D”

If you uses Point to give the your filenames a structure, you are very surprised.

It is a known bug. Fix should be in the works.

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Instead of using a point, use an underscore as a work around.

We have over 20000 articles among users. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Still not fixed… Really troublesome when you have lots of files with versioning numbers in the filename. This just started with the release of 2023.

PLEASE FIX. Very basic functionality issue.

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