Suggestions for upcoming versions of SketchUp

Wow, it would be great if SketchUP introduced these updates in the next versions. What do you guys think.

    Of course there are 3D WAREHOUSE (Blocks and Plugins) but because it does not for textures it would also be nice to put options to enjoy these textures through stars, in the main panel put an option to optimize searches only for those textures that have more stars. Wow! It would be fantastic

    Here are some suggestions for folders for the next versions of the software: “Wallpapers, Walls, Colors, Paints, Concrete, Soils, Floors, Stones, Metals, Fabrics, Roofing, Coverings, Woods, Glasses and Water.” With several textures something around 20 high resolution textures.

    It would be very good for SketchUP to provide us with a renderer of its own, it would be a great step for the software. Unite the simplicity of the software plus the professionalism of a V-Ray level renderer.

    Well, in fact SketchUP is one of the simplest tools to use that exists in the market, but its simplicity should not extend the tools. Let’s agree that there are several plugins to optimize SketchUP, but why is not SketchUP optimized? We need broader tools such as:

A. Mirror tool;
B. more complex extrusion;
C. SketchUP’s own proxy builder;
D. Larger animation tools, example: animating a door opening in the scene or a car entering the garage a coming light;
E. Add to the upper MENU tab, menus of: Renderer, Animation, Illumination.
F. Cutter Creation Tool simpler and faster than the FOLLOW ME tool is good, but takes a long time to create the spheres.

In conclusion, I want to congratulate the excellent work with the new SketchUP, it was incredible, congratulations to all the team SKETCHUP / TRIMBLE, keep the great and wonderful work.


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Sorry, but no.

To my mind, having to use a third party renderer is one of the basic strengths of SketchUp!

I want Trimble to stay focused on making SketchUp the best and easiest to use 3D modeler. Adding rendering to the equation is just an invitation to a long term failure of SketchUp due to feature bloat (aka Software Bloat).

Another danger is, should SketchUp include a Renderer, Trimble will be eventually be tempted to make it hard to use any other renderer. Which, should they succumb to the temptation, will make it difficult, if not impossible, to use any of the other great renderers out there!

Rendering is hard. Hard to do well and hard to make it easy for the user. Leave rendering to those companies for whom it is a core business.


A lot of what you are asking for is simply not what SketchUp has ever been indented to be. SketchUp is supposed to be simplistic and easy to pick up in contrast to other software that are completely overwhelming to any new user. Things like rendering engines and complex animations just don’t belong in SketchUp. That is exactly what third party extensions are for. That way specific features that a lot of people never will need wont clutter the application for them or increase the prize, but are still available for those who wants it.

The textures shipped with SketchUp are very much limited by the need of keeping down the file size of the installer. However adding a separate material warehouse or adding some sort of specific material support to the 3d warehouse has long been requested by users.


I agree with Mr Sjdorst and Mrs Eneroth3. In fact it’s a risk, Trimble may be tempted to make it harder for modeling to further optimize renderings and that would take the title of software simpler and easier to use that is how we know it.

But I think it would be possible if they found a way to let the simplicity of 3D modeling (which is the strength of SketchUP) and the complexity of rendering, creating illumination and animations on two different wings. But it’s like “Mr. Sjdorst” said this is too risky, I really agree there is such a risk.

But what about the other suggestions:

A) Optimize the textures or leave the textures simple, but make available a store with textures created by Trimble for PRO users or include the BETAS as well;
B) Optimize the basic tools, for example: extrusion, ball creation, proxy creator and Mirror.

I think these would be good options for future upgrades and would not take the simplicity out of SketchUP. Personal excuses if I am being inconsistent do not want to be boring just want to share some ideas.

In general, the more export / import options SketchUP makes available the better, so what you can not do in SketchUP is done in other software, more complex as 3DS MAX, and I agree with another statement made by Mr. Sjdorst - Trimble should focus on making SketchUP modeling as simple as possible in future versions.

But if (only a big if) they find a way to simplify 3D modeling, but leave the complexity of renders, animations and illuminations separate. So why not do ?. It would be a risky step, but if they could get a big step for SketchUP.

The (A) item has been requested and discussed before as a “Resource Warehouse” feature. Besides texture image files, this would also include watermark image files, material (skm) files, style files, classification (skc) schema files and LayOut scrapbook and template files.


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The (A) item has been requested and discussed before as a “Resource Warehouse” feature.

Yah! SketchUp 2017 and higher can now access materials and components via the 3DW:

Older SketchUp versions will need to download SKM files from a browser external to SketchUp.
See this new Help Center article: