Why we don't make Sketchup The Most Powerfull 3D software ever! While we can


Can I ask you something?
While Sketch up is the most freedom Graphic drawing program in market, Why why why you don’t make it Perfect just adding 4 features in it

I swear God it could be much powerfull than, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, SpaiceClaim and Maya and 3D max in a lot of ways (powerfull enough to convince these programs’ customers to buy it)

1- Solid tools: Sorry but your solid tools suck! You need advanced solid operations. Cut, combine etc. And one of the most important future of engineering (softening the edgeds and corners) chamfer and round corner (fillet) is absent.

2- Engineering tools: I will say magical words to change pumpkin to a car therefore please listen it carefully. You need properties left menu.
When someone click a point or a line it should show AND LET THE USER CHANGE
coordinate of the point (and all the other points lines and edges and face realated to that point accordingly)
and change length of a line
THİS WİLL GİVE US İNCREADABLE FREEDOM with PRECISE measurment (which we need as engineers.

3- Key based animations: Add a module for it. Just let sketchup to remember coordinate and length of the shapes (like maya did that means it should remember it for X and for Y and for Z differently. The existent one is really really under amatour.

4- A good realistic integrated render engine…

This are just main subjects I didnt tell all the details.

Finally I have to say.
God Created me as a lazy, inpatient but clever man. This is a gift to be an inventor.
I have to find the easiest and fastest way always.
And I saw it for Sketchup.
I am volunteer. (Expect no benefit from you, I dont want anything from you)
Please include me into your team.
You will see next generation of the sketchup’s user interface will be much more different than ever before.
Take care and looking forward a hearing from you.
Note: By the way my website (which has also an english version) to learn somethings about me

and this is the plugin which I wrote with help of Delphi for sketchup

You want SketchUp to be something specific you have in mind, but SketchUp is something different. Maybe you want it to be more an engineering tool, but it is not! SketchUp is more, and therefore it has until now preserved its general scope, while it can be extended to be for example a specialized engineering tool.

  1. Take a look at Union and Trim. If that does not work how you like, file a precise and consize feature request describing what should be added, how it should be improved. Suggestions like this are important, and will be considered when they are well written up.
  2. For people who need round corner and filleting, there is the Round Corner extension.
  3. Not everyone animates, and there are different techniques of animation (besides keyframe) that animators could want.
  4. Integrated render engines suck, very much, if not done well (like the billion $ softwares can do). In case SketchUp integrated a basic raytracer, real professionals would still use rendering studios instead.

Nevertheless, thank you very much for your post, and keep giving you feedback (I am sure the SketchUp team appreciates it).

I have a smartphone, but it’s not an Android (and to mute speculations neither iOS nor WP). It is simple but I can reach all functions quickly. In contrast I had to help my mother with her Android phone to dig through deeply nested menus to find a specific keyboard setting. I was stunned because that setting is on my phone only one step away.

Sometimes a powerful product is not defined by amount of features, but by a small and clever selection of the right features. SketchUp probably would never have become so successful that you could know about it, if it hadn’t been as extensible as it is.


I dont know who you are but your approach is wrong

Instead of “Helping progress” you try to assure me “existance product is good” change yourself first!
UPDATE is good, and “try to assure people that sucking is good” is wrong.

1- Don’t you think I used Union and Trim? Ofcourse I used them and suffered from them. They don’t work for complex graphics. That means if you have cylinder or box they work but if you have little bit complex graphic they suck.

2- About round corner. First of all; Sketchup, -a big company behind- program trusts semi professional programmers to cover their ass. Because they don’t have pants to wear. I offer you get pants instead of trusting amatour people’s help…
second thing roundcorner also doesnt work very well. In some cases it makes breakes and do you know what breakes in a graphic means? bad product of a CNC machine or 3D printer…

3- Dont argue with me that animation is not a big need. Because you don’t use animation doesn’t mean a lot of people don’t use it.

4- you say “Integrated render engines suck, very much” with an attitude and approach like this if you produce an integrated render engine “Yes! it will probably suck”. But if a professional wants to do it. He may create miracales with rendering.

And your welcome for my feedbacks. Any time they need help I ll be there.

By the way look at my very amoutor but still usefull (I think still a lot people use it) sketch up addon.