Suggestion: Add Midpoint Nodes to Snap Outside Group/Component (Move Tool)

This is a fairly simple suggestion that would greatly improve the user-friendliness of Sketchup.

My suggestion is to increase the number of Nodes that appear when hovering over the blue outline of a selected group or component when using the Move tool. Adding a Midpoint and Centerpoint Node would allow you to snap to the midpoint of the object without needing to first draw additional guidelines.

The modeling I do is mostly of Interior spaces that rely heavily on the symmetry of furniture so this would be an invaluable update!

Thank you.

Would be great to have a Node here:

This is a hotly debated topic. Some want the nodes and others do not.

Alt will cycle through the extra points, midpoint, center etc.
That’s windows, not sure of the equivalent Mac key.

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Thank you for that note! I will play around with it and report back with what I find.

@Box – the equivalent for Mac is the Command key. Thank you so much for this!!

Hmm, maybe it could be an option in the settings. Then everyone wins! :slight_smile:

That was one of the possibilities discussed.