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Hello every one

Someone know if Sketchup has someting like nodal point (in autocad)
For exemple I have two pieces and I want to fixe but it’s long and difficult to accroch them. If I can put a magnet point to fixe the 2 items as I want that would be great.
The function glues is juste for faces can I configure it to create 2 point (1 per item) and magnet them ?

I search for something like that and I find Spaning but every one tell it’s impossible, is there existe another solution ?Is there a plugins or is it possible to create one with my own way ?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:


Perhaps you could share an example?
This would make it easier to comprehend what exactly you are trying to do.
When you have made groups or components of the ‘pieces’ just move one to the vertice of you’re liking and group them together?

See move tool explained here :


I think Jim Foltz wrote a glue point extension.

@jim_foltz ?


I have an example of what I want :slight_smile:

And with the two magnet point i can easy fixe two component when I moove one or the other

the result would be like this :

thanks for help :slight_smile:


Yes, it is called SnapConnector, and upon seeing the image posted by @jeremie Snap Connector looks appropriate.

SnapConnector works on Groups and Components by using specially named Components to define the snap points. So there is an initial setup cost of placing the Snap Components. The video on the Extension Warehouse page explains how to use it.


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