Suggestion about plan view button

the “top” view from the preset “views” set of tools, you should be able to hold down an arrow while clicking the icon to toggle the orientation of the plan.

The current workaround for setting the orientation of a plan view is to mess with the axis tool, then right click and align view.

It would me much more intuitive to hold an arrow and click the “top” view preset icon.



There’s no need to “mess with the axis tool” to do this. Open a group or component that is oriented accordingly, right click on one of its axis lines and choose Align View.

Your suggestion would require the rotation to be in incremental steps, if the increment is large, say 15° and the required rotation is 37°, you won’t be able to get the model aligned correctly at all. If the increment was small, say 1°, you’d have to click on the icon 37 times to get it right. The current method (which is not a work around) isn’t dependent on incremental rotation and gets it right immediately.

There are several extensions that can rotate the plan view, too.

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