Sudden Problem Opening Files 'SU 2016 (English)

I’m currently trying to open my SU files. All I am getting is a box full of Chinese symbols/ writing when it opens!!!

I’m using Sketch Up 2016 on a Mac El Capitain. The only thing that I’m aware has changed is I’ve changed my mouse. (bluetooth to usb wireless).

I’ve put many hours into these files & desperately need to access them. Can anyone help?

Many thanks Rob

it sounds like it’s trying to open in Text Edit not SU…

try right click on a .skp >> open with >> SketchUp…

if that works, try right click on a .skp >> Get Info >> open with [select SU] >> change all…


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Thanks…I’ll give it a go now John & let you know how I get on.

John, you were right. Fore some reason it was trying to open as text. Winner. Thanks so much of your help. You have made someone very happy today. Thanks again for taking time to reply!


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great, tick it as the solution for the next person who comes looking…


As a followup, another sign that the file association has been damaged is if you select the file in Finder and the preview takes a long time and then shows gibberish. Same problem (the system is attempting to treat the SketchUp file as text) just seen in a different place.