[SU2015] Can we make dimension default extension distance on Layout?



Can we make dimension default extension distance on Layout without using the ‘fake dimension number’?
Below picture show the problem, the 500mm dimension is what i want to make, by manually change the extension line geometry.
Many thanks



Got one more question, can we NOT to display the unit? for example 1110 rather than 1110mm, by not using the ‘fake dim’.

Sorry if im asking too much


In the Dimension Style tray, click on the last button top right. That will remove the units display.


thanks Paul.

anyone knows about the dim extension line ?


You can adjust Dimension’s leader line.
Double click the dimension ( like SketchUp’s Group ) then you can select dimension’s leader line.
There is blue point that indicate distance between click point and leader line’s edge point, drag the leader line side blue point as you like. You have to adjust each leader line one by one.

By the way dimension’s leader line is just a line of LayOut, so you can change Arrow type by Shape Style window.


Is it the only way to do it one by one? Can we default the distance?


It can be adjusted within a range by changing the Start Arrow size in Shape Styles. You can also use inferencing to place the start of the extension line where you want it. It’s worth learning how to do that.


Thanks for sharing, exactly what i need!