SU will not import all DWG layers from Acad - SU 2020.1

Having an issue importing a dwg into SU. The dwg is attached. What does come in is just the linework not the text or dimensions. This is floor plan I want to import into Layout after creating a scene in SU.
Only 20 layers come in when there is 130. The 20 layers (Tags) that do come in are all on.

Any help appreciated.

No text or dimension layers appear which is needed. The linework is accurate. Making a png doesn’t work either.


SU Import Results

SketchUp ignores that stuff.

See this page for supported and unsupported CAD entities.

If you want text or dimensions you can import the DWG into LayOut directly.

I tried to Insert in Layout… Just lines without text.

It is a shame you cannot bring a pdf into Layout!

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This is what I got, using the Model Space option. Text and dimensions are there, their style needs adjusting.
Untitled.layout (70.0 KB)

Thanks to all… That is way to much work to fix…

You can on the Mac. That’s because the OS supports it. Windows doesn’t which is a shame.

Is it a vector PDF?

I do not think its a vector pdf… I brought the pdf into SU on my mac and it appeared rasterized. It looks vector in Adobe. Crystal clear when you zoom.

So SU on Mac brings in the vector pdf as a raster instead? So pretty much useless.

What do you want it to do in LayOut and what do you mean it’s not a vector pdf?
Maybe it depends somehow on the source. This was Apple print to pdf from a CAD document.

Here is a screen shot (admittedly NOT vector) of an imported pdf displayed in LayOut, and it is crisp and scalable.

Then there is the ultimate “why?” question. Why don’t you keep using AutoCad? If the goal is to process and print a DWG file with the same results as from AutoCad directly, there are a zillion better and cheaper alternatives than SketchUp/LayOut that were never designed to do that. The only real function I see for DWG/DXF import is to use it as a basis for building a 3D model in SketchUp, or to import graphical symbols etc. into LayOut. However, I see the DWG import in LayOut as good enough for producing a workable document out of a DWG, as my trial shows. Adjusting the dimension styles and text sizes would take something like 20 minutes.

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Maybe some people are confused when they read SketchUp opens dwg. It does so in a limited fashion. It’s not robust CAD or BIM (though people use it for both in a way). It’s just SketchUp. It’s been here a long time (and it’s really not going to change AFAICS.)

LayOut added the other half that allows you to make documents as with CAD.

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A little confused here. You mention importing a pdf into Layout.


I could not import a pdf into Layout as it is not a recognized format. (On Windows I must add)

My intention was to bring in the Acad floor plan pdf into Layout, size it and move on.

Can you share your method to do so? I have both Mac and Windows. Attached is the pdf I’m working with.

As you have both Mac and Windows, do it on your Mac. Just go to File Menu -> Insert.

I’m curious to know what happens if you save that Layout file then open in Layout in Windows when it references a PDF that it can’t open.

The answer is… Windows Layout displays a big X when opening the Mac saved Layout file (On pages) containing the pdf!

It displays perfectly and scales on Mac…

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So the Layout files aren’t interchangeable between Mac and Windows platforms because of this. If you look inside the layout file (a zip file), the pdf is in there so it’s not converting it to vectors or anything, just importing it every time you open the layout file. Thanks for testing this.

It’s not great that Layout for Windows can’t import PDFs and this even stops it displaying Layout files created on a Mac that contain PDFs.

Or any OTHER vector file for that matter.