SU to Slic3r - Surface Border and Internal face edges

I truly enjoy designing in sketchup, but man am I having problems with “Surface Borders” and “Internal Face Edges”.

@DaveR helped significantly with my last design, but I am still having issues understanding what kind of sorcery he worked!

The attached is an emblem I’ve created for a friend, in no way am i asking anyone to fix this for me, in fact I’d much rather learn what I’m doing wrong and understand how to fix it.

My method for creation has been:

  1. establish base, pull to desired height
  2. add concentric rings on surface
  3. add “rope” on surface
  4. draw bull and “MAVERICK” off the face
  5. paste bull and “MAVERICK” on face
  6. “explode” all, delete internal lines (those that horns and smoke cut off
  7. adjust final heights via push/pull



Maverick v3.skp (2.3 MB)

I don’t think there was any sorcery involved. I didn’t even put on my pointy hat with moons and stars on it. :smiley:

In this model a key problem is internal faces. If you hide the bottom face and look at, you can see a bunch of faces that shouldn’t be there. Remove them and you’ll be a lot farther along.

There are also a lot of missing faces.

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I tried that (unless I am doing it wrong). I hid the bottom plate, selected one of those edges, and then hit delete. when i go to the top it deletes the entire face

There’s a lot wrong with your model. I’m not sure how you went about creating it all but you have a lot of internal faces and places where there need to be intersections. Sit back for a few minutes and let me work on it.

Could it be because I didn’t draw the bull on the face itself? Perhaps the copy/paste method does not work :frowning:

To be honest, I’m not sure where you went wrong but it looks like there were several places. Copy and Paste works fine. I used copy quite a bit to draw my version of it. As you can see in the screen shot, there are no internal faces and no holes.

It might be an order of operations thing but you could also stand to work at a larger size. In your case I would suggest setting units to meters and treat them as if they were millimeters. Instead of doing that, I worked at the same size as your original so I could copy the bull’s face and other details over. I used the Dave Method when it came time to create intersections and clean things up.
Maverick v4.skp (1.8 MB)

Did you try drawing the entire thing flat and then extrude faces upward to make the relief?

I thought i was drawing and pasting right on the face and then extruding up, but after comparing the inside of mine to the inside of yours, apparently not!

I’ll keep working at it, one day :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your guidance!!

  • Daniel

3am thoughts… I realized why I had so many internal faces. I drew the bull and rope separate from the plate in 2d (not a problem). Where I messed up was I extruded the 2d shape and then copy and pasted it onto the plate. Next time I’ll stick with 2d until I’m ready to extrude everything, should make deleting overlapping lines much easier too!

One of the problems that people create for themselves is trying to draw everything out flat before going 3D. You might find it easiest if you start with a large rectangle and extrude it up to the thickness of the base disk. The draw everything on it and start extruding from there. You shouldn’t wind up with any internal faces, then.

For example, here’s a start.

Add the rest of artwork to the flat surface before using Push/Pull.