SU Studio '24 crashes while loading PointClouds

Good morning people,

like always, the new update gets rid of some bugs while introducing new ones;

I work with alot of different pointclouds in a day - so when Im done with one pointcloud I normaly create a new SU file through the file tab.
As soon as I open a new file through that, the new file seems to be bugged - or atleast if I want to load a new PointCloud it ALWAYS crashes.
I even wanted to close some of these files and even closing SU causes the program to crash, while nothing even happened in that file yet.
I’ve deinstalled and installed SU again, shut it down, boot it up etc etc nothing helps.
Kinda frustrating and really hinders my workflow like the old bug where SU took ages to load, atleast thats gone now.

Thanks for reporting. We re investigating.