SU Pro 2024 crashing/wrong image size when exporting 2D image with ambient occlusion

Using SU Pro 2024, trying to export a 2D view with a style that has ambient occlusion enabled. I’m disabling “use view size” and supplying my own image size since SU gets the image size wrong otherwise (that’s another bug…)

SU crashes every time during the export. If I disable ambient occlusion in the style, then the custom-dimension export works. If I keep “use view size” enabled then the export succeeds with ambient occlusion on, but then the output image is much smaller than expected.

(Windows 10, SU 24.0.484)

What do you mean it gets the image size wrong if you use View Size? What size does it show it’ll make the image?

What image size are you trying to export?

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Re: view size, if I open the export options dialog and check “Use view size” it says the size will be 2868x1940 pixels. The generated image is actually only 1147x776.

I notice the difference is a factor of 2.5, so is that somehow related to the “line scale multiplier”, or is that a coincidence? In any case I can’t change the line scale multiplier when “Use view size” is checked.

The custom dimension I was trying to export was 2400 x 1623.
The crash happens every time if I try to export at that size with ambient occlusion on. Without the AO, that size is not an issue.

I just tried with smaller exports, with output width set to 400, 800, 1200, 1600, and they exported OK. Moving up to 2000 was too much, and it crashed again.


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I don’t think. If you untick the box for Use view size so you can change the Line scale multipler, the image size will be adjusted accordingly. With the box ticked, you can’t change the Line scale multiplier. Unticking the box tells SketchUp you don’t want to use the view size.

Screenshot - 5_4_2024 , 2_52_33 PM

When I export an image using view size I get an image of the expected size. This is in the image editor with the size at the bottom.
Screenshot - 5_4_2024 , 2_56_51 PM

I wonder if this is an issue with available memory. @colin might know.

Maybe you could share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with. Maybe it’s something in the model. Or maybe it’s a hardware issue. I just exported an image at 2400 px wide with AO and had no problem. This one was export at 6000 px wide with no problem.

I don’t get any crashing. Do you see the problem with the same steps, with a new document? If you don’t, can I try one of your models that does lead to a crash?

I’ll see if I can reproduce it with a new model. This one is about 10Mb in size. I can export an image at 1800 pixels wide (AO enabled) without trouble, but if I go up to 1900 the memory usage shoots up and the app crashes.