SU Pro 2021 : right-click save as (component) not working

On my computer, the component doesn’t get overwritten if I left the 2021 format.
Perhaps it’s due to the fact that it is used by Lumion and that it gets a ‘kind-of read-only’ status flag?
Anyway, I don’t get why it works when saved as 2018 skp format…

Save as 2021 skp seems to work (no error popup) but when I check the date stamp, I realize it didn’t overwrite the file.

BTW I use SU 2018 for all my export jobs as 2021 can’t export separated elements as FBX (nor DAE nor OBJ) which is a PITA for people working with other softs and who need exporting their geometry.

My gif was done in SketchUp 2021.

I don’t doubt your word, Dave. But I already unistalled and reinstalled Su 2021 twice.
I’m just puzzled and am refraining from using 2021 but I already transferred all my plugins to 2021 so I’m a bit annoyed as Su4you’s authentification system seems to bug when using both 2018 and 2021 on the same computer… I have the same sort of problems with 3dsmax 2021 and am used to use the older version for around half a year because of 3rd parties plugins that don’t work with the latest build.
I completely zapped SU 2019 for the same purpose (even if I had the MS)…

(Just saw this thread and thought I’d chip in). We’re still having issues here with Save As in 2021 also after the latest update that was supposed to fix this. It doesn’t occur as often now, but it happens.

We spent a lot of time trying to recreate the issue but eventually gave up, and because it still happens, we’re also sticking to 2020 (can’t afford to lose work) and this makes it even harder to recreate by chance…

I hope you guys can track the issue and are working on a fix.

Also, it has to be said that it’s the first time I have this ‘save as’ problem with Sketchup.
So I guess Trimble must have completely changed the code?

It’s interesting that you and I are using the same version of SketchUp (same code) and it works for me but not for you. I would be more inclined to think the problem lies elsewhere.

Dave, which plugins are you using? if any…

I have a lot of them but not Lumion.

I don’t use Lumion as a plugin.
It’s probably a plugin that I use but not you. Hence my question.

It might be a plugin but I don’t think you can blame it on SketchUp’s code. Here you go.

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From what I see, we use pretty much the same plugins.
Compared to my setup, you don’t use flextools and most of s4u plugins (only 2) but otherwise, we are both fans of thomthom, eneroth; Fredo, TIG, DidierBur, etc. :smiley:
I’m testing the exports now but I don’t have the issue happening now that I’m not in a hassle (of course) :slight_smile:
With that many parameters (plugins, (V)RAM usage, softs used, etc.), it’s difficult to pinpoint the problem.