SU Pro 2020 Crashes no bug splat HELP Please

I think the Gif is self explanatory. Basically trying to miter the end of some bead board, a component I’ve used in other drawings, as soon as I draw the line for the miter, SU vaporizes. Here is the fileBenchSeat-0810a.skp (1.7 MB)

There is something wrong with the geometry. I expect it’s due to the very short segments in the arcs. For no bigger than the beads are it doesn’t seem like you need 48 sides per arc, do you?

I originally made the component using the “Dave Method” at 100 times the size. I suppose I thought it looked better. I’ll try remaking it with fewer sides per arc.

For something like this beadboard, I expect you can get away with 12-sided arcs for the beads and I would make the bottoms of the grooves between them flat since they won’t really show anyway. And consider the “cost.” That panel makes up about a meg of the file size. Is that piece worth that much compared to the entire file it would be used in? Your call but if I were modeling something that used it, I wouldn’t put that much into the beadboard.

Thanks Dave, The solution was to reduce sides in the arcs. If the drawing was just for me to get tool paths I wouldn’t put the effort into it either. But I need to show the curve at the bottom of the arc so the client knows its not “true” bead board, they are worried about the width of the groove at the bottom. I’ve explained that to bring the tooling down to less than the .0313 R would be time/cost prohibitive, hoping to ease their fears with a rendering and not have to do an actual sample. Thank you again.

If you’re using the highly detailed version as a sample, that’s fine but then you really don’t need to scale it down, either. Then use a lower res version for modeling with.

Now that just makes too much sense. :wink:

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I had a similar imploding model issue, which put simply was that there were too many segments in one loop. Drove me nuts until he inimitable Box twigged to it and then sWilliams explained the technical realities: “We have a hard limit on the number of edges in the algorithm that detects new loops. If the algorithm traverses 10,000 connected edges without hitting a repeat, it gives up. I believe that the workaround (create several faces and then merge them) uses another code path.” Here’s the thread: Instant crash when raw geometry of dwg import is manipulated

Thanks for the extra info.