SU crashes on specific file

I sent report labeled bill 9195845864. This file or part has a problem that causes SU to crash.
Open it and explode the group. SU will crash
Other files do not do that, but files with this part included exhibit strange behaviour - like I can’t zoom in too close or the object will break apart and disappear. Trying to edit this part while it is included in another file will also cause a crash.

SU Make 2017 - 17.2.2555 x64
windows 10 1709 16299.248
GTS 560TI graphic card
i7 - 3770k
PSU cover.skp (1.2 MB)

Compressing something down so small will cause problems if you have too much detail in certain places.
I reduced the number of segments in your circle from 120 to 48 and it works fine.
PSU coverBox.skp (45.9 KB)

There was a bunch of other bad geometry as well and some reversed faces that needed correcting.

When you scaled it down, you should have first opened the group for editing or you could have exploded the group and then scaled down.

Thank you
How would one know that the problem was the circle??

It seems to me I have done that many times without that issue. IE, using 1000x and 120 segments then scaling down. and I usually scale down with it grouped since it takes much longer to do on some of my files if it isn’t grouped. Now the question is…is that what is causing my other crashes during a move and autosave operation?

I scaled mine back up to 100, exploded it, then scaled back down and it crashed. So you had to edit the ONE circle in the file to get it back to normal size.
Did you recreate the circle or is there a way to change the segments without recreating?

I wasn’t going to print this so I didn’t check for the other things, which I am sure didn’t contribute to the issue.
They were just stray lines and a few reversed faces.

thanks again.

One other question, why is your file so much smaller than mine?

Just about anything can contribute.

The circle just struck me as being an obvious place to start as it was so tiny. Having now looked closer there is a problem with the circle on one side that seems to be causing the issue, the edge is broken between segments, so there is are very tiny twisted faces. I removed this circle previously before reducing the segments in the remaining circle. This time there is no need to reduce the segments, so it must be the broken edge.

Another thing to note, if you change the group to a component you get the option to ‘Scale Definition’. There are several benefits to this, for example the texture resizes to suit and any brought in from the component browser will be the correct scale.

I purged the file which gets rid of the 3D Printer component.

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