SU Podium Panorama Server DOESN'T WORK


Title says it all. When I upload to the SU panorama server using the Podium Image Editor, all I get is a white screen when I go to the link. This is not good. I have clients waiting on these images. I have done this same process several times and this is the first time this has happened.

I could go into a rant about how I paid for this program and they are not delivering what was promised, but I’ll spare you. Bottom line: this software is extremely buggy and I would recommend looking into other integrated rendering software if you’re considering buying SU Podium.

I have contacted support and as usual, they are extremely slow responding.

I feel like I am getting screwed.

Anyone have any ideas? Tried restarting, and I tried uploading from both my Mac and PC with same results.


Figured it out. I had an apostrophe in the file name.

Newbie mistake I suppose, but there it is.

Sorry SU Podium! Turned out to be user error.