Podium Browser in SU2024-Unable to download any items

Hi. When I open the Podium Browser, none of the files will allow me to download them. Any suggestions?

You might get a more direct response from the Podium developers over at: https://supodiumforum.websitetoolbox.com.

I know they check questions over there and are usually helpful in directing support requests.

Is that only for rendering or does it have items with the preset features for lighting and reflection, etc

Ok. Thank you!

Wow! Those are amazing! I will definitely give it a try.

I’m very new to all of this so this is great to know.

This looks incredibly real!

I can download files from the P browser. I needed to get an updated version of podium that was beta versioned for 2024 but it works on my end.

Thank you. I found now that I can download a few but they are so few and far between. Almost nothing is available to me but I recall having many more available in 2023.

So I’m not confirming or denying what you are saying…
Having said that, they DID do this in the past to get people to re-buy podium to limiting the assets old licenses allowed. I don’t know that they did this again and suspect not but maybe…

Having said that, this is the web page for all their assets:

I would assume if you have it there then you should also be able to download it in SKP.

I don’t see anything recently related to this in their forum:

Maybe you didn’t add your license to the updated version?

Thank you! I was thinking that maybe I need to reinstall the extension. It initially gave me problems so maybe it still hasn’t installed properly but I will check out the site.

Just an update. You were right. I failed to activate my license after install like I had done with Podium for SU2023. I’m good to go! Thank you!