SU Material image location

Where are the texture images stored for SketchUp? I can’t seem to find them. I have one that is scaled weird (too big) but when I went to Open In Browser it was in a Temp folder. And, I’ve managed to delete one of my Water materials somehow. How do I restore the original materials in SU?

C:\Users\All Users\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Materials

Add folder “Water”
Water Dark Blue.skm (38.0 KB)
Water Deep.skm (18.6 KB)
Water Pool Light.skm (24.4 KB)
Water Sparkling.skm (23.4 KB)
Water Light Blue.skm (38.3 KB)
Water Pool.skm (24.7 KB)
Water Stream Shallow.skm (28.4 KB)
Water Stream.skm (38.9 KB)

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Just want to check something. When I use the “Water Stream” material (which is the one I’d actually deleted), my image size for this material is 3658 mm wide x 4877 mm high. Is this the default dimensions for it? Mine looks like minestrone soup with white bread floaters :grin: Actually more like something from the bottom of the black lagoon.

yes,same here, needs tweaking, more likely replacing, but at 38,9 KB…it may do

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