SU locked up during photomatch

Hi Again All…Here I am dozens of hours of learning, trial and error, and I finally learned enough to tackle a “for pay” job. I went down to the site and tokk more and better photos, and was going great guns, til I added a pickup truck in the parking lot. From then on every time I try to reset the model to the photomatch, it freezes up and says “not responding”…Here is a screen shot of what I am seeing. Usually when I hit the reset, the modeling data kinda spins around (in a cool way) and then the match photo lines up with the modeling lines. That’s where I am freezing up. Any suggestions? I would be thankful. I wasa hoping to meet with the possible client today, but maybe tomorrow will be better. Thankyou. Rob Orizino Screen shot>>>>

I find photomatch feature generally very slow and laggy.
And more so if you have a lot of geometry within the model.

The pickup truck, or any other entourage that you have added may contain a lot of edges and surfaces. They will cause the SketchUp to freeze. It seems that if the object isn’t visible because it was hidden, it lags less.

You should do the Match Photo setup before you add entourage. Or at least put that stuff on layers that can be turned off before you import the image.

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Really, Rob, create a general “Work” scene that is separate from the “Match Photo” scene.

I have setup a template for myself that has 3 scenes (“Thumbnail”,“Print” and “Work”,) … each has their own style (of the same name,) and their own camera position. The camera position of the “Work” scene doesn’t matter, it can change anytime (and is expected to.)

There are threads around about how to model faster by using a “fast style” (which is usually one that has the textures turned off.) Learn to use layers (along with scenes) to switch off things you are not actually working on at the moment.

Why is your top toolbar docking pane such a mess ? (4 rows, toolbars with duplicate tool buttons on them, etc.) Do not let your customer see the UI in such a state.

The Default Tray layout is worthless. I have better organized them into 4 tabbed trays:

Hi…I removed the pickup truck and now the program is behaving normally.
So, I should wait til the last minute to put the asset into the scene? Or
can I use the hide tool without freezing?

You’ll learn better by doing.

I believe you can utilize the hide.
However, your already saved scene will have your truck shown And as you are having trouble getting to your scene, it could be difficult to hide it at this point.

There are few work-arounds. One is:

Group your truck once more, hide the nested component/group. Then scene will not unhide nested hidden objects.

I say this, but you are much better off doing it the proper way. Take your mistake as a lesson and start over.

When I removed the vehicle things reverted to normal. I then brought in a
less complicated looking vehicle, and it works. Should I look at file size
when grabbing images from the warehouse? Is that the key? Too many

Too many calculations, Yes. That is correct. Not necessarily “file size”. Because stuff like jpgs can contribute to file size.
Basically, less geometry to calculate is what you are shooting for. “Light” model would be good.

it’s always best to open downloaded models in a separate new drawing to check them out…

there is a huge variance in build quality, some of the vehicles will have interiors and motors for example…

other items may have a huge number of materials…

cleaning them up can teach you a lot about how not to make models…



Does this mean that I can’t easily import warehouse images into my designs?
Is it about complexity? How can I tell how complicated an image is before I
incorporate it into the “scene”?

No. I didn’t mean to imply that at all. You can import warehouse assets (they are models or components, not images) into your SketchUp projects but you need to do it at the right time. Since the building is the subject of your SketchUp model, you should get that setup first. If you intend to use a Match Photo as a reference for drawing or to get textures do that before you start complicating the model with entourage. I would suggest getting the main model drawn before you apply any materials, too. The materials can get in the way and slow down the modeling process.

You wouldn’t move the furniture into a new house before the construction is finished. Use the same thought process when you are developing a model.


Thankyou Dave…I’m almost ready to do a presentation, but I need to draw
some curved conduit on the outside of the building, and the crown of the
building is at an angle, when I try to use a non vanishing angle, it snaps
the line tool into that vanishing point. I’ve been learning a little, but
there is much yet to be studied. Here is the result of almost 50 hours of
study. Your help is always appreciated Dave. You are the man.[image: Inline
image 1]


It’s looking pretty good now.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Since you’re working with a perspective view, parallel lines should run to vanishing points. that’s the way perspective works. You should be able to draw the profile for the crown and run it around the top of the building with Follow Me.

Thank you for the compliments, too.

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Dave…you hit the nail. The shape you put on top of the building is
awesome. I’m curious how you made the shape? Follow is another thing I have
not yet done, but I know where it is. That cap on the building would bring
me to almost complete. RoB

I just made up that shape. I just used the Line and Arc tools to draw the profile. Select the edges along the top of the building, get Follow Me and click on the profile.