SU Layout - Switching to Vector or Hybrid Very Slow

Has anyone encountered issues with small sketch up models (34MB) when trying to convert the Layouts to vector or hybrid? When I try to convert, it takes 5 to 10 minutes for each model imported into layout to be updated. I am using a single model with multiples views, with 4 separate pages in layout. I was initially working in a low performance machine, Surface pro 3 with 16 MB of RAM and a stock graphics card. I then moved the files over to another machine designed for CAD working with an advanced graphics card and it still took as long to convert.

What is the graphics card?

34 Megs is not a small file.

Hybrid and Vector can take longer to render but unless you’ve got some high res textures, it shouldn’t be that long. Make sure you’ve purged the unused stuff from your SketchUp file and that you’re not using overly large texture images. Large, hi res textures don’t necessarily look better than lower res images but they do add greatly to file size. Also, does your model have loads of edges to process?

What version of LayOut are you using? Your profile is incomplete.

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