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Q1: Does SketchUp Free allow a user to save models to SU8 file format?
Q2: (Probably for another thread) I’m using SU8 Pro and would like to make occasional use of models from the 3D Warehouse, but Trimble seems to have cut off file formats from before 2014. Does anyone offer a plugin that lets a user convert '14 - '18 file formats back to v.8? SU Make 17 won’t run on OS10.9.5, and the trial version of SU15 only lasts 30 days.

Thanks in advance.

If you have downloaded SketchUp 2015 Make, it should revert to Make after the trial period. Then use ‘save as’ option under file menu to save to an older version.
What kind of Mac do you have?
Check for compatibilty, maybe you can upgrade the OS

SketchUp 8 might not run satisfactorily under a newer OS,

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And offcourse, upgrade SketchUp as well:)

I don’t think version 8 can be upgraded any longer, even with a reinstatement fee so the OP would have to buy a new license.

Does that mean that your answers to Q.1 and Q.2 are “No?”
It appears that my download is SU15 Pro (Trial Version) and not reverting to Make. I don’t want to get into the “upgrade” discussion, except to say that I’m feeling very jerked around by it. Not just by Trimble, but also Apple. I’m pretty happy with SU8 Pro, and the upgrades just aren’t worth the hassle anymore.
But thanks for all of the quick replies.

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Q1: No
Q2: No plugins.

Download SketchUp 2015 Make, if that will run on your system, then use the ‘Save as’

Not much ‘hassle’ for now, but it is most likely to increase with every update…


You can download models as COLLADA (.dae) from the 3D Warehouse and import those into SketchUp 8.

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Jim, this seems pretty simple; not sure why I didn’t figure it out before. Thank you!

:+1: Yeah! This is what I was looking for:

Trimble doesn’t show 2015 Make on its “All Downloads” Page, even though it is still available and seems to be working, for now. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks again!

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