SU for iPad 2024 new features missing

Release notes explained, that Ambient Occlusion settings should be accessible in the Styles panel. But I can’t find them there! Also the Lidar scanning feature is missing. My iPad is a o12,9 inch Pro model, 5th generation, so it should be compatible. Where’s the problem?

this feels like the update hasn’t gone through yet.

I just checked on my iphone, even though it’s supposed to install updates automatically during the night, yesterday’s SU 6.5 update hasn’t installed yet. Maybe it’s the same on your end, your ipad hasn’t decided to update yet ?

you might have to force it (in the app store / click on your icon)

ifthere is nothing to update, then yeah, that’s a problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. My SU version is 6,4, which I didn’t notice. So it seems I just have to wait for 6,5. Let’s see.

yeah, look in the app store / click on your icon top right, then scroll down to see if you can force the update manually :slight_smile:

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The manual upgrade worked! Thanks to everybody for advice.

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