Upgrade to the 2023 version

G’day All you good people. I am an old SU user from way back, never professionally and mostly as a hobby. From memory I began with version 1.2 in 2001 or around that time and loved it.
I have been using it on and off since.
I am now retired and discovered SU for iPad sometime last year, as the iPad Pro is now my only devise. Not using desk/laptop at all anymore.
Ok , here is my question. Recently I was notified about the 2023 upgrade, but to my dismay unable to find a link to the upgrade anywhere whatsoever.
Is there someone who can help out here somewhere. Looks like the iPad version still has a few gremlins about.

Google search

Did you try updating it from the App Store, I did it last week, I don’t use it to model since I prefer the desktop version, but I use it for visualization.

Thanks, first there is no upgrade possibility on the AppStore. Going there and finding the SU app, it just tells me to open the app I already have.
Second, I am on my I pad, so how can I scan the QR code with my iPad.

Check which version of SketchUp you have and compare it with the one in the Store.

When you scan it it will take you to the App Store, probably you have the latest version already, it’s the 6.2.1, to check that, on the bottom left corner there’s a sketchup logo, tap it to see the version you have.

The 2023 update that you would have read about is for desktop computers. The iPad version gets updated fairly often, and if you have updates enabled in the App Store, there’s a good chance you’re using the latest version.

If you see any oddities in the iPad app, you should mention them here:

The product manager for the iPad version frequently checks there for any issues people are seeing.