SU Crashing with corrupt file message on TrimBim and .dxf imports

I have an established workflow that involves opening .dwg files in TC and converting to TrimBim, then downloading and importing to SketchUp. This a workflow many others use as the imports are better organized, more complete, and do not contain tagged raw geometry when compared to the native .dwg import function of SketchUp. All in all it’s been a better experience but after the latest 24 update I continually have problems saving files with imported .trb files. The import will go fine but then saving will cause a file corrupt message and a subsequent SU crash. Any other experience of this out there?

Plot Twist: After import if I immediately select all and copy to clipboard, then paste in a fresh SU file it can be saved. It can be worked with, closed and reopened without problem it seams. It’s something about the import process that corrupts the original file but not in the geometry. I’m still working on it.

EDIT: For any wayward souls in a similar boat who find this. The workaround of importing a TrimBIM file, selecting all the geometry and copy pasting it into a fresh file is consistently working for me. I was able to assemble a full drawing set this way. Just remember to close the original file used to import without saving, or SketchUp will crash the first time autosave tries to save that untitled file.

Once copy/pasted into a fresh file the geometry behaves fine and saves without problem.

I haven’t seen that message before, but was able to find it in the source code. I’m not sure what leads to it being shown.

There is a similar message that tells you to save the file as 2020. When that happens the select all, copy, paste in place, also appears to fix the problem, but the problem does come back soon. Glad that the problem doesn’t come back for your situation.

I will try the steps, to see if I also get that message.

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Wow, it’s not everyday that someone pulls out a crash message that even you have not seen, I’d assumed you had seen them all by now.

I have not tried the to import one of the same files in 22, I’ll test that next as this workflow used to work great for me. Anyway, the copy paste trick is working fine for now, and after that it appears to be all fine, I’ve worked with and saved multiple iterations of the geometry without problem.

Bumping this topic for the powers that be… I am consistently getting this message with either TrimBIM or .dxf files in SU24 on my M1 mac. They import fine but on the first save SketchUp Crashes without recovery file. This is the message I see… each time if I can remember to copy/paste into a fresh file before the first save the geometry is fine. Something about the import process is corrupting only the original file?

Still happening with the latest version. Anyone else have this problem or just me? Import a .dwg or .dfx or trimbim and it all imports fine, can work with it and modify. But as soon as I try to save or if autosave kicks in I get this “corrupt model” dialogue then SketchUp crashes. It can be avoided by immediately copy pasting the imported geometry into a fresh file then closing the first import file without saving. @colin can you reproduce? I’ll look for a .dwg file that I’m allowed to share that causes it on my end.