SU 2021 warning pop up repetition

I’ve noticed an annoying bug lately in the warning dialogue boxes that SketchUp 2021 throws up repeating. It appears SketchUp now opens up a warning message for every instance of the relevant bad operation that occurs. I first noticed in relation to hiding tag with the active group, SketchUp would pop up with the warning box for every layer of nesting, opening each warning in succession, requiring a few clicks of the “OK” or presses of the return key to get through the pop ups and back to modeling. I feel one warning is sufficient. That thread is here:

But today it’s gone to a new level, I’m working on some islamic patterned screen-work for CNC routing and for this workflow I have several components (positive and negative space of overlapping patterns) assigned with separate tags that I’m arraying in different ways then exploding upon various sized and shaped canvases. Admittedly, I made the mistake of exploding a positive and negative set at the same time, and so I got the “caused visible geometry to merge…” pop up. But I get it once for every individual instance of merging. At first I kept pressing ok with the mouse, then switched to the return key, it actually was cycling through the pop ups faster than my gif screen capture can see but I had to press return almost 100 times to be allowed to continue modeling. I don’t remember seeing this in previous versions of SU? I know it’s my fault for merging 100 individual components, but it’s the exact same information each time.

Say something once. Why say it again?

Almost turned me into a psycho killer.


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Definitely annoying. Are you untagging the components before exploding them? Remeber that the contents of the component take the tag assignment from the component. In a case like this in which you have different tags assigned to different components, I can see where this might cause some issues. Shouldn’t get the warning with each explode operation but… Might be easiest or safest to remove the tags before exploding the compoennts.

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@Mark, we may have a rather annoying regression here.


Just confirming that this bug is on our radar. Thanks for reporting it!

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