Looping warning dialog

I exploded an entity that resulted in everything turning into edges and faces. Some layers were turned off I received the “merge with hidden geometry” dialog. Clicking on “OK” just causes it to loop continuously. Had to force quit SU. Seems like a bug.

More information could be helpful… Did you just have the spinning beach ball or was the warning window popping back up after clicking ok button ? How much loose geometry in the model ? If it was beach balling how long until you force quit ?

If you have hidden edges and faces, any new edges and faces stick to them. You might have a lot of that.

No spinning beach ball, just a continous loop of the dialog warning being dismissed, then come right back up. I went through maybe 20 iterations of that then decided to force quit.

The only objects were those seen in the image. Not a lot. There are other warning boxes, trying to hide a layer / tag of an object I’ve double clicked into, for instance, that comes up 3 times in succession before it goes away.

I knew I had erred the moment I did it.

Thanks for the responses, gentlemen.

Seems a bit odd… can’t remember the last time I got that warning pop up. Will get the beach ball at times if exploding complex multiple groups to combine them. My old iMac is slow to think sometimes. Can’t speak to the possibility of a bug as I’m several versions back from you. Hopefully someone on the SU team will see this and comment….

This was a known issue in earlier versions of SU. It would not repeat indefinitely, the dialogue would repeat once for each individual instance of merging, eventually it would complete and return to normal if you kept on hitting ok, but if you had 100 merges it would pop 100 times. It was a reported bug. Is your profile correct? What version are you using?

Oh, that’s interesting. Yes, it may well have been a large number of merges happening.

Yes, I’m still using 2020.something