SU 2021 takes forever to delete things

A problem I haven’t encountered in earlier verions of SU.

When deleting huge models, lets say 50 MB in size, Sketchup takes forever to actually remove it. Instead the program goes off into “not responding”. After about 45 minutes, the object is gone and I can continue working.

Even small objects needs some seconds to clear.

The same goes for Cut. Copy/paste works normally.

Any takers?

Make sure your graphic drivers are up to date and make sure you don’t have the Anti alias set too high in Opengl settings.

How much memory does the computer on which SketchUp is running have? If the 50MB model’s size is mostly edges and faces, that is a lot of geometry. However, 45 minutes is an extremely long time! Are you using SketchUp’s native Delete function, or some kind of extension to do the deletion?

Physical memory 64 GB. Virtual memory 74 GB. The object in question is a rather large building, but nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve only used my keyboard delete button.

Could you share your model so everyone can see if they have the same issues?

64GM of memory should be plenty. Thanks for confirming that the native Delete is being used. I wonder if some extension has an observer attached to the model that is slowing things down? Can you disable all extensions, stop and restart SketchUp, and do the same deletion?

This file contain two versions of the same bulding. Upon deleting one, the problem appears.

Could not attach file here, so here’s the wetransfer file

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Started CleanUp - nearly 4 hours remaining… :no_mouth:

It does take a few moments to delete one of those overlapping buildings but not nearly as much time as you are seeing which makes me think most of the problem is hardware related. It is a huge amount of geometry to deal with.

By the way, I fixed the incorrect tag usage in the model. That incorrect usage can’t be making your modeling process easy.
Screenshot - 6_1_2021 , 7_49_35 AM

Purging unused after deleting that building reduced the file size by about 35% showing that was a substantial part of the file.

Thank you, folks. Now, I’ve updated Sketchup, NVIDIA. No avail.
So the only option left has to be to disable my numerous extensions.

I deeply and truly hate this model - originally an IFC - but I haven’t got the time to remake it proper .

DaveR: How did you fix the tag usage in the model? Is there an extension for that?

Yes. It’s called Default Tag Geometry. Written by TIG, it’s available from Sketchucation.

What matters more than file size on disk is the amount of geometry a model has. With almost 9 million edges (over 7 with the duplicate house removed) this model will be taxing whatever the hardware specs.

After copying all content into a new sketchup file, and disabling all my beautiful extensions, I got it working fine. Now I’m enabling essential extensions again and hoping for the best. May this misfortune never befall me again. Thanks for all tips, tricks and education.