SU 2017 extensions

I am going to get SU 2017 Make. Do I have to manually download all the extensions that I have in SU 2016?
Thank you guys!!

You should install the extension new from their source to make sure you you’ve got the most current versions and that they get installed correctly.

The EWH has some batch updating tools, relating to your previous downloads/installs.
The SketchUcation ExtensionStore³ has an auto-update for its installed extensions, and a ‘Bundle’ feature, so if you have previously had the toolset installed in v2016, you can use that Bundle within v2017 to replicate the extension set there, but downloading the current versions - which might have been updated for v2017 compatibility…
It also has a simple Auto-Install function, sidestepping the need to manually download the RBZ then install it…
Also consider it a good point to do some ‘spring-cleaning’ and trim your plugin folder’s contents to what you really need/use…

Good advice!!
Thank you guys.