SU 2017 Erasing screws with camera



I am having trouble using the eraser tool and also the line tool at times. I Was making the plans for a Two story house, and selected a 6" by 6" box and erased, then the Camera reset and wasnt in a default cam position at all, but facing straight down where the axis lines were? I would then scroll back, but was unable to due to the camera switching back UNTIL i undid the erase.

Please help, this is very frustrating and I would really like to keep working on the house. Help is much appreciated

  • Frogolive


Please post your model or also check to make sure you are not selecting some geometry you do don’t want to select because how you have axis set can give appearance of axis change.
The that may require you obit around some, changing selection default color from blue to say red can help with that visualization.


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