SU 2016 dynamic component rotates around object's 0 position instead of axis location

I recently downloaded the trial version of 2016, went through some of the tutorials on dynamic components but I can’t get my component to rotation the way I want it to. I created a rectangular object, much longer in X than in Y, and I want to rotated it about the Y axis with the axes offset in the positive X and Z direction by some amount. Instead of rotating around the axes location, it rotates around the bounding box’s Y=0. It’s pivoting about an edge instead of a position within the object.

I ran through the “Understanding the Dynamic Component Axes” 3dwarehouse tutorial (had to use the SU 2015 version) and it would seem that what I did should work.

Is there a bug in 2016 or has the functionality changed or am I doing something wrong?

There are a number of bugs in DC’s, but this just sounds like a misunderstanding. How about an example file?

My guess is you’ll need to wrap your DC in another component because the rotation of a DC is relative to its parent. By adding an outer component, you define the reference axes for the rotation of the inner component instead of using the Model axes.

Adding the attributes to the parent component did the trick. It now works the way I want it to.
Thanks so much for you help.

I’m having trouble with this, too. I tried to wrap my DC in another component, but I don’t think I did it correctly. The attached file is my work-in-progress to fold up the sides and lid of a hexagonal prism net. That face2 is rotating in the right place, but not in the correct axis.

hexagonal prism net.skp (190.6 KB)

all click actions should on the same level, either parent or same generation, pass an value down where required

isolate rotations if the axis do not match, this can be done by going into a group or component and making the elements into another group or component

I’ve edited the model to a certain degree

hexagonal prism net.skp (186.4 KB)

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THANK YOU very much for clarifying the wrapping of Dynamic objects into another dynamic object. This lid flipping on a corner was driving me crazy!!! :scream:

I’m so excited we got this to work. here’s my next evolution. hideous colors to help student clearly visualize the faces. Thanks @pcmoor!
hexagonal prism dynamic color net.skp (209.3 KB)