DC: Deployable Hex Clamp (Rotation around internal axes issue)


I have a six-fold symmetrical dynamic component with arms that I want to have fold up like a flower.

Even though I have set each of the ‘petals’ with their own groups and internally defined the X-axis for them to rotate around, they will still rotate around some undefined axis that is parallel to their parents X-axis, but as if it intersected their own internal origins.

(Le derp. Only the vertical one on the right is doing it correctly.)
I managed to get them to start and end in the right place once, but it was with lots of fiddling around with trig functions individually in all their rotation attributes, and they did not look pretty during the animation (going unhinged). I can only think that I’m missing something on how I’m supposed to be setting up their grouping and axes, and I’ve tried everything I can think of.

At least the lock function works…

Capsule Clamp.skp (1.0 MB)


place within another wrapper component Capsule Clamp fix.skp (1.1 MB)


Huzzah, it works! Thank you very much! I knew it had to be something with the groups. Annoying that it takes a couple layers with only one child in each, but at least now it’s functioning! :smile:


The point is components do not rotate relative to their own axes. They rotate in relation to the axes of their container.