Styles spontaneously changing

Another odd behavior I’m seeing pretty often (again, Pro 20.2.171) is that the selection highlight color changes spontaneously and randomly from the color I’ve chosen to something altogether different.

Are you updating the style after making the change to the color?

No, as I change the selection color quite often, to get a good contrast between the material I’m using on any particular object and a color that will show up well when that object is selected. So, I go through a number of colors - green, red, blue etc - and then it will randomly change to black or white or some other color all on its own.

I can understand why the color wouldn’t remain fixed if you aren’t updating the style especially if you select a scene tab but to just have the color change when you aren’t doing anything, that’s weird.

BTW, how about updating your forum profile?

The model in question I haven’t even set up any scenes in.

Other than Mac OS version, my profile is up to date. I don’t see where to change that OS version.

It doesn’t show the SketchUp version.

Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the forum. Then click on your name and the gear icon.

Should be up to date now. Had a hard time finding that. Thanks, Dave

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