Styles online library?

Is there an online resource (library) for SketchUp Styles?

Lots of styles.

You can make your own, too.

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Are there multiple Construction Documentation styles available online?

I don’t know of any style other than the default one with that name. I can make a style and call it that if you want. What would you expect for style properties for a construction documentation style that is different than the one in the Default styles.

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I’m not sure at the moment, but I’m mostly trying to learn more about Styles. The tutorials I’ve watched about Style Builder show how to create an artsy styles and most “default” styles are also artsy. On the other end, the Blueprint and Generic CAD styles don’t look all that great.

Spend some time looking under the Edit tab in Styles to see what properties are available to set.

Style Builder was designed for making Sketchy line styles. By itself it doesn’t do much more than that. The rest of a style would be created using the Edit setting in the Styles panel.

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Please explain further, thanks!

My apologies because I don’t understand what you are get at. I’m unsure how this relates to my original question.

It doesn’t