Style icon doesn't stay highlighted

With SU 2021 on mac OS Catalina.

I use Shaded with texture mode. I see the corresponding icon which is highlighted.

If I click on any one of the other icons like Monochrome, X-Ray, whatever, the Shaded with texture icon is not shown as active, which is normal but no other icon is shown as activated. All icons remain in their default non activated mode although the action is correctly done. I can switch X-Ray on and off at will or change mode but I get no feedback from the icons.

I have some plugins, so it may be caused by one of these.

Bug or faulty plugin ?

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I’m more suspicious about other apps that take control over cursor appearence or key events, I have seen colors that aren’t highlighted, too while using the paintbucket (and the cursor being the select arrow!)

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I have the same issue, so it’s probably just how the software is currently designed.

For me, when I open a model, the current view mode is clearly indicated. If I then change the view mode to any other one, like you, all indicators are gone. Even if I go back to shaded with textures, it is no longer indicating it is selected. All visual indication ceases to function completely.

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 5.57.30 PM Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 5.57.50 PM

This is yet another (Mac version) UI/UX issue I’ve seen recently that could and should be remedied immediately. You would not and should not accept this kind of inconsistency and disregard in a Pro level software sold at Pro level prices.

Hi Ben, hi folks.

Yes, that is exactly the behaviour that I get.

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I wasn’t able to find a bug report about this, so I asked a colleague in the UI side of things, and still didn’t find one. I sent over a screen recording showing the problem, hopefully a bug report can be made if there isn’t an existing one.

I checked with SU 2020 and it behaves like SU 2021.

With 2020 I have no plugins except the ones that are installed with SU with a fresh installation.

I have noticed this for years, but didn’t report it as a “bug” because I didn’t realize it qualified as one. It was an issue that bothered me, sure, but it wasn’t like the function of the buttons wasn’t working properly :slight_smile:

Thank you for looking into this. Should I submit a bug report?

I heard back already, and if nobody knows of an existing report, they will create a new one.

I will give them this topic link as the source for the bug report.

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