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I’m trying to import a style I created for one model into another. I saved the style to a folder on my desktop, but when I open another model and try to “Open and existing collection” and choose the style file, the file is grayed out.
How do I “ungrayout” it?
Thanks in advance.


when you pick open or create a collection, you have to select the folder containing the style files, not the files themselves
you can also drag and drop your style file in the styles panel.


I tried this and it’s not working.

you’re welcome, remember that you can create a template out of any model (files > save as template). It also save your styles. That way, every new model you’ll create will have them, by choosing the new from template command, or setting your template as the default one.

I tried that as well but when I opened a new project and used “New from template” and chose my style from “My templates”, it opened another copy of the project I had used to create the template.

OK, I used the copy of the project to make a template by erasing everything in it and then saving it as a template. I was then able to open a new project using that template.
Is there a way to apply a template to an existing project?

templates should only have all the elements you want to keep for starting a new model. Can be tags, styles, and even objects. You have to purge your model from everything you don’t need for a new project before saving it to a template.

i’m afraid not. But you can create a new model from template and then import your model into it

I see. Thanks. As you can see from my edit, I was able to make a template.
I was also able to apply this template to an existing project by selecting everything in that project, using “Copy” from the Edit menu, then opening a new project with the template and pasting the project into it.

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Just erasing is not enough! As @paul.millet told you, after deleting unwanted stuff you have to purge the model to really get rid of the deleted items.
After that you can save as temmplate.

Beware with the purge as it may remove unused tags that you want to keep for your template

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Good one!! I forgot about that…
So, Purge all is not apropriate in this case!
Purge components and purge materials would do…

Thank you Paul. I hadn’t thought about the tags. It actually kept tags that I didn’t want! (I had selected the whole model with the Select tool and erased it).

erasing stuff doesn’t get rid of components which are kept in your components tray for later use!
Keeping all those components in your template makes it and all your models made with that template bigger than needed!
The same for the materials used on those components…

That’s good to know. So how do I purge everything, including materials, tags, components?

window menu > model info > statistics tab > purge unused

This will also purge styles which is exactly what the OP wants to keep for a template!!

Then create a brand new file import the style just like it was explained above and save as a template :upside_down_face:

Could use TIG’s Purge All and choose to not purge Styles.

Screenshot - 12_8_2023 , 12_57_07 PM

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