Style Collection Issue in Layout

Not understanding saved style collections

Have custom folder location for my styles. Set in Sketchup Settings to correct location.

I have all my styles customized and saved to this folder and can visit it and see the saved collection.

I apply my styles for the most part at the viewport in Layout. As a result I keep a minimal list in “in model” collection in the Sketchup file.

When I go to Layout and I attempt to establish the style for that viewport, I can see the “in model” style and any saved collections that reside in the native Sketchup folder. I can not see my custom folder or its collections.

What am I missing here?

What is the nature of this custom folder…?

This is what I have:


Good, Paul. I had assumed Keith already has the custom location established in his SketchUp Preferences but maybe not.


Should have done better on the post by adding screen shots!

Here you go. Im on a Mac.

Sketchup Styles


Sketchup Styles Panel w/ popup for libraries

Now, Layout File with one viewport selected:

Now with the style library popup selected:

Notice that there is no reference to the custom libraries now?

Have gone thru and made sure that all my project files are in the right locations and are properly referenced in the Layout Document Setup.

I don’t understand MAC.

Is it because the folder is in the iCloud drive…?


It’s not technically in iCloud. It’s the native documents folder. But then, it is connected to iCloud so you might be correct.

Would need Mac people to verify this idea

In this image there is also the “Runtime” Division above the “Favorites” Division. Anyone know what “Runtime” is?

Anyone know anything about this?

Plot thickens,

assuming that @PaulMcAlenan is correct about folder being in iCloud;

Have copy/pasted the folder with the styles in it back into the native Styles folder.

But now seeing that there is no obvious way for me to choose that location in Sketchup/Settings/Files (no way to set to default location either). And if I want to save a collection to the native folder from the Styles panel there is on way to navigate to it in Finder.

Is this an oversight?

For those curious: to find …Library/Application Support/Sketchup 2022/Sketchup/Styles, one has to press Option in the “Go” drop down menu when a finder window is open. “Library” is then revealed and one can navigate to the Styles Folder. I don’t know of another way to get there and all the windows to set the desired folder location do not seem to give access to the “Library” folder. Could be me for sure. Just don’t see how to fix this issue now.

So, not seeing any solutions on this.

any sketchup staff with Apple knowledge know a solution?

@Colin ? @TheOnlyAaron ?

I haven’t found an answer yet. LayOut doesn’t have a preference setting for saying where Styles are, otherwise you could have pointed that to your custom folder location.

@trent may have ideas, or could ask the LayOut team.

thanks for posting anyway. appreciate the shout to Trent

This looks like the same issue I posted in the link below in Feb ‘21.
I too am on a MAC and tried setting a custom location for my styles. Unfortunately, per DaveR, Layout only looks in the default location for styles.

Thanks for the thread link.

What a thing that is!! We have been given the ability to choose custom locations for our styles and other assets in Sketchup, but the companion software that Sketchup built called Layout, doesn’t read that location for Apple users.

I so want to jump on a soapbox…oh man do I ever.

Bigger issue now is that I can’t reset the default folders on the Mac.

Anyone know how to do that?

While there are plenty of Mac issues worthy of jumping on a soapbox, it’s not clear to me from the replies if windows behaves differently. I have switched, only for styles, to using the default location for my custom styles. It works fine.

Look at Paul’s reply. It is different on Windows.

I’m not seeing any benefit to using a non-default location for saving my styles or components or materials. The default locations work fine for me.

Dave, appreciate your wisdom. Agree now. But Im lost as to why the option is available at all. Why have it if it is unusable? That makes zero sense.

Curiously, now that Im ready to ditch the idea of using this provided capacity, I can’t reset Sketchup to the native folders. Any knowledge on how to do that on the Mac?

Not sure where they reside, either the privatepreferenses.json or the sharedpreferences.json, but one could rename it to old_….preferences.kson and restart SketchUp to have the standard preferences.json back and compare (lots of other settings you might wanna keep)

Sketchup should be closed when editing those files with a texteditor.
They should be in the ~/library/SketchUp/SketchUp 2023 folder.

Finally found a solution… to this issue.

In the Finder window, one can navigate to the native folder location and then move that to the left sidebar as a favorite. Then proceed to the Sketchup settings panel and find the location for the Styles folder. Setting the location for that will bring up a Finder window and the new favorite is the left side bar.

Hey Sketchup, would be great if there was a folder reset button for this. Also would be a great thing to have an alert at that location making sure the user knows that Layout for Mac will only see the native folder. A completely broken feature on Sketchup for Mac in my opinion.