Style builder and layout don't start

i’ve just install last sketchup pro trial (v 15.3.331.) on windows 7 64bits.

sketchup work normally, but impossible to start stylebuilder or layout.
Does anybody have a solution ?


You are still in PRO trial period? Any error message?

Yes. 28 days left
Le 19 févr. 2015 19:43, “Carsten Unverzagt” a écrit

What happens when you try to run StyleBuilder or LayOut?

LayOut and StyleBuilder both rely on having Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your machine. This should happen automatically when SketchUp is installed, but there may have been some issue during the install. I’d recommend trying to install this framework yourself - search for “install .net framework 4.0” and look for the official Microsoft link in the results.


.net framework 4 is already installed.

When i want run LO stand alone or by sketchup (send to LO), just the mouse pointer turn during 2 ou 3 seconds and nothing else.