Student zoomed in too far and can not find project HELP

This week I had a student zoom WAY too far into their project and can no longer view his model. We tried the Zoom tools, but cannot get the zoom to reset. Is anyone willing to take a look and see if you can get it figured out? Here is a link to the .skp file. Thanks.

There are a bunch of In Model components but there’s nothing but a rectangle and a couple of guidelines in the model space.

jack kitchen lost HELP.skp (6.4 MB)

Suggest to the student that they should be working with the camera set to Perspective, not Parallel Projection. That will help prevent this camera placement problem. Use the option indicated here.
Screenshot - 4_15_2021 , 5_23_34 PM

Oh man. There was an entire model of a kitchen? Thank you for your help.

The model is empty except for a flat face 100’ square - and a few superfluous guidelines.
It’s not easily zoom-able so the thing looks FUBAR…
There are lots of unused things, deleted using Model Info > Purge Unused…

Looks like most things are lost :frowning_face:

Bummer. Thanks for taking time to look at it.