Stroke and fill colors

How does one easily select from say two different colors in the shape styles menu?

I need Black, and sometime red. that is all. I see all of those little white boxes at the bottom of the color window, it would be nice to assign a color to some of them for easy reference.

using the drop down list and scrolling is a painful way to do it.

please help.

I can’t see the boxes because there’s no screen shot posted… but I’m sure they function as your already suspecting—a nice place to store frequently used colors.

To fill them up with the colors you want. . . try to drag the preview color swatch over to one of the empty slots and drop it there.

The color pallet is OS specific…

I’m running SketchUp on a Macbook Pro so I get a different color palette than you do. . . and the approach I outlined is how it works on Apple’s OS X.

I can’t remember exactly how things went under Windows 7… but you could easily look that up on the internet. As far as the Color Window goes, that functionality is directed more towards a Windows (7) question, than a SketchUp one.

It would be nice, wouldn’t it? As Jim says, just drag from the color bar at the top of the Colors window to one of the little squares. You can get rid of the colors by replacing them with white from above or by dragging one little white square.

Another option is to create a set of lines with the colors and styles you want. Those could be added to the Scrapbook or you could just set them up outside the paper space in your template. Then you can quickly change line colors and styles by sampling the appropriate line. This works for things like text, labels, and dimensions, too.

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