Stretching rotated rectangle

Hi there,
How can one stretch / scale a rotated rectangle perpendicular to its axis?
For example: rectangle is 2" x 5" rotated at 45degrees. I want to stretch it to from 5" to 7" without changing the width of 2".
Is this possible? And how?

This is in LayOut or in SketchUp?

What version are you using? Please complete your profile.

DaveR, this is in Layout 2020. Demo SketchUp & Layout 2020.

So this is what you’re after?

Select the rectangle, drag the end in the direction you want it to go and type the new length remembering to include the units.

Yes, thanks a mil. I’ve tried that previously, but the rectangle acted as a group.
Restarted Layout and everything is working fine now.
Thanks again.

Sounds like you may have missed that the cursor changes depending on which part it is over.