Constrain rectangle dimensions when moving


Let’s say I create a flat rectangle and draw a line through it. When I move that line vertically I want the rectangle to pull up as if it were a sheet of paper or a tarp. I don’t want each side connected to the line to grow larger than the original dimension.I want the vertical dimension to get taller while taking it away from the sides. How can I do this?


you can’t do that in sketchup… or, you can’t do it in the way i assume you’re visualizing it to happen… things are going to stretch when moving unless you select all of the edges/vertices of a given surface.

one basic approach would be this:


I see. That’s a perfectly fine solution for my needs. Thank you very much!


By using click drag to orientate the rotate tool you can do it without grouping and moving things.


I see now. That’s great!