How to adjust a rectangle to different lengths

OK, this seems like it would be a super simple thing but I can’t find it anywhere.

I’m drawing a plat of my land to work on outside garden. In the real world there is no such thing as perfect rectangles. So I figured I’d draw a rectangle and then extend the upper line my 33’ creating the trapezoid that is my plat but I can’t figure that out.

I could draw each line separately and maybe I will but at this point it is a matter of pride. It seems like I should be able to extend lengths of a side and have it adjust.

Any help? Or do I just draw the 4 lines and connect them together?



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Cool! Thanks a BUNCH. I guess I just did not know what to look up when researching. Thanks again.

It’s not what you asked for, john already gave you the right answer, but in addition, if you select one or move edge, you will move all endpoints involved.
You can also use arrow keys to lock the alignment to the axes.

@john_drivenupthewall moved ‘just’ vertices along or parallel to current axes. But in case you wish to move a vertex along (one of) its edge(s), hover over the edge with only the ‘Move’ tool selected. Once you see ‘On Edge’ popping up at the tooltip, press and hold down [Shift] to constrain move directions to that edge. Only then grab and move the vertex along that edge.

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