Street Architectural Realisation

I am a relatively new SketchUp user designing a large house extension to submit plans for planning permission. Is anyone able to recommend a good Street Architectural Realisation extension. I have tried to produce something myself, but fear this will appear on a Channel 5 documentary “When Planning Applications Go Wrong”

Not quite sure what you mean there. Is that a regional term? Never heard it used in the United States or Canada when submitting planning or permitting documents.

Do you mean you need the surrounding area modelled too?

I don’t think it’s compulsory here in the UK either, but I have seen many planning applications now which include a “street view”, where the design for the house replaces the existing one in Google Street View.

I’ve done this so far (below) but I’m not massively pleased with it:

I think they just sort of drop a model into Google Street View

ok, in-situ insertions.

I’ve done some, it was a mix of either photomatch or using the photo as a background in my style panel to match the point of view of the photo in sketchup. Then photoshop. lots of photoshop.

Thanks - Photoshop seems to be key here! Not my forte.

Layering Watermarks - Skill Builder - YouTube - can try my ‘layering watermarks’ technique. It requires some photoshop if you need to have foreground, middleground, background, etc. But nothing too fancy.

You could maybe use the SketchUp Viewer AR mode on 3D warehouse

I just grabbed this Terraced house and roughly tried to place it where I live on my phone

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This actually looks like I could do this! We use ProCreate to manipulate images, but I guess this is similar to photoshop

I’m pretty sure ProCreate allows you to select and cut out or mask images. It’s a basic or common feature and required for your task. Post your results for us all to see when (not if) you solve your issue.