Strange shadow things

I always try to work the correct way whichever tool I am using, but I don’t always have a full understanding of the rules - this being a classic case of me not understanding the training video (it happens - I have an ‘atypical’ brain that takes everything literally, which isn’t always the best interpretation in a very illogical world)

The root problem, the main cause if you like, of all these little things that keep going wrong which you have helped me with over the last few weeks, is probably that I tend to hit the ground running with each new app - usually having got it for a specific commission with very little time to do the all-important learning, other than just the real basics of how to steer the drawing part.

Hopefully when I have finished this castle I will have time to go through all the tutorials again and learn everything properly.

Thank you so much for all your help. I would have been doomed to failure without you here to sort me out in time!

Sue :smiley:

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When you get finished with this project and have a little time model up something fairly simple so you can put all these lessons to use from the start. Even if you haven’t got a commission to work on, model. Practice to improve efficiency and make the modeling in the correct way more automatic. I’ve been using SketchUp nearly every day since 2003 and I still practice.

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I certainly will - thank you :smiley:

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