Storage recommendations for iPad?

Hi All.
Relatively new to SketchUp pro here. I was hoping for some advice on the amount of storage likely to be needed on an iPad to use the ipad version of SketchUp. I am about to upgrade from a second generation mini to a new device. Will 128gb be adequate?
Any help appreciated.

Mine is an M1 256gb, and I have yet to get anywhere near having a memory issue. I do tend to upload models to Trimble a decent amount of the time.

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Yes, that should be fine. Anyway, today’s we store things in the cloud…

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Apparently, there is twice the ram in the 1TB and 2TB ipad pro models though

I have a 256mb M1 and I tend to store what I need on it, not everything. But I haven’t felt it an issue.
Pretty much like all things computer, looking at storage is a personal thing, how much do you create tells you how much storage you need.
Same as analog, how big is my studio, how much â– â– â– â–  should I hold onto.
But always more RAM.

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Apparently, only you can guess how much storage space will be enough for your needs… regarding RAM: more is always better, but it also depends on how big your “wallet” is…

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I think this is the real question, are we talking about storage or RAM?
I can’t comment on anything Mac related in that sense I am a mac ignoramus.

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My initial enquiry was to do with storage, but over the course of this thread I have found out that there is 16 gb of ram in the larger storage capacity iPad pro models (1TB and 2TB) but 8gb in those with less storage

Are you sure, to be sure?

According to apple business salespeople. They were quite clear on the matter.