Stl Sketchup Make file won't work full size in Cura

This may be more a Cura question, I’m not sure.

I have Sketchup Make and the stl export/import add on.
I use Cura for the printing.
Cura will work with all Thingiverse files I use.
But when a Sketchup stl file is opened Cura thinks it is too big for the print area. I have to scale it to 80% to get it to print. At 80% it is smaller than the Sketchup design.

The Sketchup file is sized to fit within the print bed area.
I draw in inches and export the stl in mm.

The model in Cura visibly fits well within the print bed layout but it will only complete the slicing calculations if I reduce the size.

Is something tagging along from Sketchup in the stl file that makes Cura think it is larger? I do notice that the Sketchup stl file brings a rectangular border around the shape.


Are you exporting the 3D printer area component with your model?

With the STL export plugin, there is an option to only export the selection in the model - so you can select the part of the model you wish to print, then export just that.

If you know your printer bed size, why do you need a template that shows this (and regularly leads to problems for beginners)? You should use a clean template for this…