STL export and 3d printing

I’ll start by saying that I’m a beginner and the problem is perhaps trivial so I ask for your understanding.

I have an issue with exporting the fie to STL format and preparation the object to detailed printing.
I made a model in SkatchUp 2018 (and I checked it with Solid Inspector2) and it looks quite well.
Unfortunately after the export to STL format the solids are divided and separated:

the printing house informs me that such prepared object is not suitable for printing.
What am I doing wrong? Is the problem with export or rather on the modeling level?

Thank you in advance for your help

Can you attach the .skp file for us to check.

Just going on your image it looks like the Tubes don’t have any meat in the connection, there has to be something to print. Two edges coming together isn’t a connection.
Also the radial lines on the side show that the face isn’t flat.

Sure. Here is the file.

Ver2 wieczko_scalone.skp (1.3 MB)

I think it’s the triangulation of that n-gon?

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The “tubes” group has a missing face so it isn’t a solid. The other part has, at least, some internal faces. I don’t have Solid inspector but I doubt whether it would give the “everything is shiny” report.
The STL format is a triangulated one so n-gons always get split when you convert to it.

Normally I would show you how to fix your model, but unfortunately I have been out to dinner with drinks so best I can manage is to fix it. Actually I just redrew it correctly, it’s still not a ‘good’ model for printing but it is a printable version of what you supplied.
New one closest to origin in the .skp and .stl attached also.
Ver2 wieczko_scaloneBox.skp (111.9 KB) Ver2 wieczko_scalone.stl (31.7 KB)

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This isn’t very good but it might help you understand how to fix it for yourself. I flipped it over just to make it easier to record. I also somehow managed to get the size wrong by a wall thickness, but the method is sound.
Hinge fix

Looks like some new limitation, the gif is small, I’ll think about it tomorrow.

Guys, thank you for your help and especially to you Box.
Would you recommend Gents some interesting tutorial related to similar issues?